“Even today our country still faces several territorial challenges, social injustices and the lack of solidarity, being the most critical subjects of all. Our generation has witnessed 4 wars and everlasting economical/political crisis. Thus we have spent a big part of our lives in the street protests, but today we are in a phase of expecting real changes. Capital’s clubbing scene is the response to these challenges and Bassiani is significant actor in these processes. Bassiani has gained a function of totally new socio-cultural space and a movement that stands for social justice, equality and the right of freedom of choice. This very reason is why the club fights together with “White Noise Movement” against country’s zero tolerance drug policy that infringes fundamental human rights and confronts homophobic environment with large-scale queer parties. Today in Tbilisi, techno is the music of protest and resistance, which serves as the voice towards the bright future.”


Tato Getia

Bassiani, Tblisi – Georgia


Runs the „Bassiani“ in Tiblisi (Georgia), the most famous (underground) Techno Club in the country. Activist agains the harsh drug- and gay legislation in the country.



Naja Orashva

Bassiani, Tblisi – Georgia