In recent years, public administration is recognizing the need to address sexism in the area of nightlife. Different european cities have developed information campaigns, prevention and intervention with the aim of reducing the number of sexist aggressions and promote a safer and friendlier nightlife. In this contribution we analyze the existing intervention models and campaigns, and we will discuss practical proposals, tools and recommendations to prevent sexual assaults in nightlife context .The main goal is the qualitative analysis of prevention campaigns regarding sexual assault in nightlife contexts and make practical proposals for preventing sexual violence in nightlife contexts.


Victor Galan Amador
Departament de Salut de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Working in drug risk reduction programs for 8 years (Energy Control, ABD)Training expert of professionals, adolescents and other social community agents. Implementation of programs in party contexts. Coordination of local plans of prevention and drug addiction responses.

Since april 2013 coordinating the drug prevention programs on party spaces of the Drug Addiction Department of the Catalan Government, to promote quality and safe nights. Responsible of the Catalan Focal Point to monitor new psychoactive Substances, in collaboration with the Spanish Early Warning System. Europeans Programs experience: NEWIP, Party +, PROWFILE


Noel Garcia
Social psychologist, director of Spora Sinergies, Social Consultancy | Barcelona

Noel Garcia, currently director at Spora Sinergies, has twelve years of experience as Project Manager in several fields of research, evaluation and social and community intervention. His work currently stands as a consultant in promoting participatory programs for local and regional development, and design research methodologies and social and environmental intervention. Noel has a BA in Psychology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), a Masters Degree in Environmental Analysis and Intervention at the University of Barcelona (UB) and a Masters Degree in Research in Social Psychology at the UAB. In the recent years he has focused his specialization in the field of citizen participation (Institute of Government and Public Policy – IGOP) and conflict negotiation (Tufts University, MIT, Harvard University Law School). Since 2008 he is working for the Drug Addiction Department of the Catalan Government in the project Q de festa! Nits de Qualitat, a communitary approach to prevention, risk reduction and health promotion in nightlife settings. Europeans Programs experience: NEWIP, Party+, AllCool.


Alexander Bücheli
NEWNet, Nacht StadtRat Zürich, Bar- und Club-Kommission (BCK) Zürich

Nacht StadtRat BCK-Zürich; Fachverband Sucht Zürich, Fachgruppe: Nightlife (topics: Nightlife, Community Development, Prevention, Harm Reduction, Urban and Drug Policy); Bar- und Clubcommission Zurich; Safer Nightlife Switzerland. He’s one of the initiators of this conference.


Wolfgang Sterneck
KomistA, Sonics Network, Alice Project, Cybertrive Archive

Host of the lecture